Brintz is a socially conscious and razor-sharp lyricist from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. His career started as a battle rapper , it is through this experience that he honed his lyricism and well thought out themes for his music. His music employs authentic, introspective, and well-articulated lyrical content blended together with classical hip-hop soundscapes. He’s also known for experimenting with unexpected alternative sounds, a brilliant skill that captures listeners from all walks of life and varying musical tastes/affinities.

The Brintz sound is a unique blend and a myriad of colours that create unique worlds with each release. It caters for every palette whilst drawing inspiration from his emotions, beliefs, ideas, dreams and aspirations. The debut project, Play The$e for Now EP which was released in October 2021 is his introduction to the world as a musical artist. 

As a pioneer for creatives in the Hip-Hop Space, Brintz is the Cofounder of the HipHop Power Festival, which has already rolled out initiaves such as the HipHop Power Sessions, a weekly Hip-Hop Centric Event which ran for 20 weeks from March 2022 til August 2022 at the Red Cafe Pub In Bulawayo.This initiative has seen HipHop Centric Creatives from Bulawayo, his hometown, find a space & platformin which they can hone their craft, network with industry personnel and form sustainable synergies fortheir careers. All these efforts , including multiple stage appearances on esteemed events such as The FlowFest, The Annual August Rush, Godlwayo Summer Festival (Filabusi) & Bulawayo Sneaker Expo have culminated in him being nominated for the Outstanding HipHop Artist Awards at the annual Bulawayo Arts Awards 2022 and proving further more that Brintz is towards wide national, regional & global recognition.

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