Brintz reignites Kwaito in Phezulu

ROIL Bulawayo Arts Awards hip-hop nominee (2022) Brintz has re-ignited the kwaito genre, which has been fading with many urban musicians focusing their attention to hip-hop and Amapiano.

Kwaito music is a style that originated in South Africa during the 1990s. The genre draws from several western music styles, including electronic dance and hip-hop , for its unique combination of beats , looped samples and  spoken and shouted vocals.

Brintz revisited the genre, which influenced musical and lifestyle backgrounds of many in a song dubbed Phezulu.

With visuals accompanying the song, Brintz lends his ghetto fabulous aspirational rap lyrics to a bouncy kwaito beat with luscious production that is guaranteed to leave heads nodding whenever it is played.

Phezulu is his first single of the year, boasting production from Zimbabwean born & South Africa-based producer Phanas, who has worked with South African artistes such as Speedy and Kid X.

“Phezulu, translated from my native Ndebele language means “up” and is an ode to everyone who is elevating in whatever field or passion that they are pursuing,” said Brintz.

The laid back lyrics are conversational and they complement the beat, thereby laying the foundation for some of the song’s great lyrical showcases. Lines such as “Like the last rocket , watch me take off, elevate” a double entendre giving props to the late Migos rapper Takeoff and his popular rap alias, the last rocket.

Colloquial references in his native Ndebele language are relatable and seek to connect to his audience in an authentic manner whilst at the same time not alienating non-Ndebele speaking listeners. Brintz reignites Kwaito in Phezulu
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